Nissan GT-R History – 11th Generation (2011 – )


Nissan GT-R V35 – 11th Generation (2001 – )

Finally, after 3 years of speculation and various pictures of what the new Skyline might look like, the wait is over.

Fortunately, rumors stating the Skyline would be dropped in favor of the new Z-Car were not confirmed, since on June 18th, 2001 the all-new Nissan V35 GT-R was released. Although the “Skyline” model name would not be applied to the GT-R in future.

The new car comes with two entirely new engines, a 2.5l V6 with 215hp and a 3.0l V6 with 260hp.

With these engines, Nissan marks a new step of the Skyline towards the luxury-sedan segment, since there is no entry level engine anymore.

Had previous versions been evolutions of their respective predecessors, the new V35 now presents a cut into the Skyline’s design history as radical as the last model change from the R31 to the R32. The V35 comes in 4 versions: 300 GT, 250 GT, 250 GT Four and 250 Gte, the 250 GTe being the least expensive.

Infiniti G35

Additionally, the Skyline finally made its long-awaited US debut for Nissan’s luxury-brand Infiniti in spring 2002, where its derivative, the Infiniti G35, goes against the BMW 3-series and Lexus IS300 in the near-luxury class.

An exciting Sport Coupe featuring a slightly stronger engine is scheduled for September 2002.

GT-R Concept

The GT-R’s future can only be called undefined at this point in time. For sure is there will be a new GT-R and for the first time in history, it will be sold in international markets!
Unclear so far is, what its ingredients will look like. Since the RB-engine-series was dropped for the standard models, the GT-R is likely to lose its famous RB26DETT in favor of a V8 or a new V6 (maybe based on the new Z-Car’s engine). Considering the refine-ment of ATTESA and Super-HICAS on the previous models, these systems are likely to be kept.

A preview of what the future GT-R might look like, is the exciting GT-R Concept of this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.